We PROgress With You

ProMarketer has been fortune enough to work with some of the best minds in the industry. Our thoughts and creativity would not been displayed if we didn’t have the canvas to work on.

The Bloomfield Group

Bloomfield is dedicated to delivering a wide range of building solutions to our diversified clientele.

From land development, to quality home building, both traditional and custom, Bloomfield consistently delivers on our promises through quality materials, unparalleled craftsmanship, and as a result, a greater return on investment for our client.

Mak Tax

With almost 30 years of experience, Mak Tax is one of Toronto’s most trusted accounting firms. They have helped hundreds of clients over the years with their accounting and finance services.

Their mission is to increase their client’s profitability and contribute to their long-term success. We developed the brand’s website and currently manage their social media.

Value Insight Realty

Value Insight Realty (VIR) is one of the most successful commercial real estate advisory groups transforming Canada’s real estate landscape.

They deliver integrated services to tenants, real estate owners and developers. Pro Marketer revamped their website and currently manage their social media channels.

David Mamo

Pro Marketer designed the branding collateral for one of the finest real estate names in the city. The established Broker specializes in residential brokerage, development, investment and relocation.

David Mamo is one of our first clients, and many from the world of the real estate followed.

Turquoise Tohi

A brand with a unique name and service. Turquoise Tohi is a wellness company led by an Equine Certified Practitioner who is also an Equine Certified Practitioner.

With a focus on health and wellness, this service is definitely needed right now. Pro Marketer crafted the entire branding collateral for the brand as well as a new website.

Safe Checkin

An innovative company like no other. SafeCheckin provides software and hardware for your company so that all the stakeholders can safely access your premises and facilities.

We were tasked to create an updated website along with social media services

Kiruja Homes

Kiruja Homes is led by Kiruja Sivarajah, the fabulous residential real estate expert based in Markham, Ontario. The busy brand deals with mainly residential across Ajax, Durham, Markham, Scarborough, Richmond Hill and more.

Pro Marketer manages their social media and often collaborates on other exciting creative ventures as well.

Pluto Plant

A brand that’s out of the world. Pluto Plants is one of the latest brands to launch in the Toronto cannabis landscape. With a special focus on the quality of the product, the brand takes its plants very seriously.

Pro Marketer helped launch the brand with collaboration on creative ideas and a new website.

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